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I'm eating kind of "utilitarian" in order to build muscle. Forget foo-foo stuff like croquets or omelets. I just bake a bunch of giant boneless skinless chicken breasts. I will eat one or half for breakfast, one or half for lunch. I'll eat it with either a potato or some mixed vegetables. Sometimes I will eat a 7.5oz can of salmon instead of the chicken. Then I will eat another large serving of some kind of meat for dinner, with potato and vegetables usually. Very utilitarian but it is getting the job done and for this old lady, getting it done with no fat gain. If I was a guy, I'd double the quantity of this utilitarian diet. If I was a skinny guy who really wanted to gain, I'd probably try that GOMAD thing (or maybe GOYAD - Y = yogurt). But for me? No.
On the weekend, I will bake 8 or so large chicken breasts, or cook several (4-5) pounds of beef heart (ground or sliced). I might toss in an onion or just some spices. Then I will boil 5+ lbs of potatoes or yuca. I split this all up for my post workout lunches throughout the week. Very basic and utilitarian, but easy and palatable enough for me to gain weight on.

I also drink a couple glasses of raw milk on workout days and eat some Greek yogurt.