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    Criminalizing Non CAFO swine

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    This is approaching a year old:

    Michigan threatens small farms by calling heritage pigs ‘invasive’ | Grist

    Has anyone heard any updates on how that situation unfolded?


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    these guys seem to still have their pigs

    Bakers Green Acres Products

    here's their youtube

    Bakers Green Acres - Michigan - YouTube

    but this is the most recent article i found

    Activist Post: Heritage Pig Farm Embargoed, USDA and DNR Close In
    yeah you are

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    The Farmer to Consumer Legal Defense Fund usually has current info on cases like this, and contact information if anyone wants to call or email politicians who might be swayed to common sense
    Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
    but i found nothing since June 2012 about the Michigan pigs.

    I strongly suggest people donate/join to help them help us maintain the tenuous access to healthy food we do have.

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