i see a lot of people saying that carbs don't matter. I get that calories matter, and that you need to eat a reasonable amount of food. However, I can say that only by getting rid of grains, sugars, and artificial sweeteners can I manage to eat a reasonable amount. For the very first time in my life I'm not snacky all the time. For the first time in my life I don't NEED to eat constantly or I will get low blood sugar. For the first time I have will power. It feels nothing short of miraculous. I am tracking my calories/nutrition using fitday,a nd when I got rid of all the junk my calories dropped without me trying. By a lot. The last step was dropping my diet soda habit, and splenda in my coffee. At that point my calories dropped by about 400 a day, without trying. My appetite just diminished. I'm a different person. I was soooo hungry when eating sweets, even when eating tons of protein and fat. So it isn't that the protein fixed things, it was getting rid of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and grains.

So yeah, the calories have to drop, but the only way for some of us to drop the calories is to drop the carbs. (I stay between 50 and 100 per day...maybe a bit higher once a week when I let myself eat a bit more fruit/etc). I eat lots of veggies, meat, eggs, and one serving of fruit a day. Some high fat dairy (cream in my coffee, and either cream or greek yogurt with berries once a day for dessert). Nuts are very rare..maybe a few times a week a half oz or oz.

And I'm losing weight, but really I think I'm happier about the decreased appetite than about the weight loss. I'm finally in control of my appetite.