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Thread: 10 lbs in pictures

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    10 lbs in pictures

    7/12/13 edit: Added an update on page 2...

    I started my primal journey in August 2012 when I came across this site searching low-carb info. At that time I was 225 lbs. I started following the primal WOE right away. About 6 sixs weeks into it (end of Sept 2012) I decided to snap a few 'before' pictures on a whim (yes I was tanning!). I never planned on posting them! My weight at this time was ~217-220.

    So five months later I decide to take some more pictures since I finally broke through 210 that I was stuck on for what seemed like forever. 207 the scale said that day!!

    I could hardly believe the difference "only" 10 lbs made.

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