Location: Alberta, Canada
How Primal am I: Just started last Friday
Consume Dairy: Cheese, infrequent yogurt
Coffee/tea: Mainly teas of different sorts. I use local honey.
Motivator to switch to Primal: Allergies, bone spurs, third grandchild on the way, just want to feel healthier. If the
extra 100 lbs come off, so much the better.
Favorite exercise: Walking
favorite Primal Food: Just starting, but beef. Grew up eating animal meat & fat growing up in Tx. I was a lot healthier.
Best part of being Primal: Wider food choice.
Worst part of being Primal: Body adjusting to new regimine. Headache, a bit of "the runs", light headed, some rash. I know it's part of the body getting back into balance, but.... Does anyone have any suggestions to deal with this so-called "healing crisis"? Thanks to Mark for getting this information out there.