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Thread: Plateau Discussion

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    While most say you shouldn't track calories, I would keep a strict one week journal just to get your averages. After doing some weighing you might find you underestimating the amount of nuts or cheese, etc that you are eating.

    Then male changes 1 week at a time and see if you get a dip in the scales, if not try something else without changing your diet to radically in any given week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millersoontobelite View Post
    Something i do want to mention though, a few people highlighted that i said i really dont enjoy what im eating. That is a half truth. I love a juicy steak. I enjoy my brinner (eggs with sausage and baconwith peppers and onions) once a week and make a number of dishes i like. My problem is that i have only a handful of them that i love, and the rest of the stuff i make (paleo meatloaf, pot roast etc) are really just to carry on.
    Just eat what you like dude!!!, as long as it's primal. It sounds to me that you make the meatloaf, pot roast, etc just because you think you need "variety". Mark himself says that you can eat the same thing day in and day out if that's what you like. Personally, I'm a monotone eater. I can eat the exact same thing every day for weeks, if not months, on end and be perfectly happy. I don't like canned tuna, regardless of what people say about it's nutritional values. So I don't eat canned tuna, why would I? On the contrary, I love sardines and eat them daily. Eating is too good of a thing to be wasted on things we don't like but is told is "good for us", or that you "must" have a wide variety of foods every week. Early man ate what he could find seasonally. There were long bouts of time when only a few ingredients were available on the menu. Then the season changed and a set of different items started showing up. In modern times, everything is available year round and we feel that we must eat of everything at every meal lest we become malnourished. My suggestion is that you eat what you like, and maybe down the line you start to get tired of it and naturally start craving different things. As long as you stay within the paleo guidelines it really shoudn't matter.

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