I have browsed around for a couple weeks looking for more experiences with slowed or haulted weight loss while on pb and thought i would start a new thread here in nutrition as the discussion is likely to focus on that.

Short version of my story. CW diet for three months went from 333-310 and found MDA. In four months on since i have gone from 310-278. Unfortunately, i have been stuck between 276-280 for about a month.

If i was a bit closer to a healthy weight i would understand hitting a wall but I am a solid 75-100 pounds overweight (although my goal is in the 220 range)

I am certainly not the fitness person many of you are, however I get a good deal of play in weekly with disc golf 3-4 days a week, kickball league every friday and touch football most sundays. I walk 10 or so miles a week and occasionally job a bit of that just to get it over with sooner.

My diet is 98 percent paleo/primal. I seldom have a bad meal, but I do work small things in from time to time that are not 100%. these things include occasional ketchup on eggs, diet sodas etc.

A normal day - mixed nuts or eggs/bacon for breakfast. if i forget breakfast i usually buy a cranberry almond mix we have here at my school (im a teacher) this is usually with a diet soda or water. i have a hard time with caffeine

lunch is normally either leftovers from a meat/veggie dish the night before and i often make chicken wings in the oven with a paleo safe buffalo sauce i make. occasionally paleo chili is made and frozen and i bring that too

dinner is usually a high protein meal. I eat a lot of ribeye steak and chicken breasts. sometimes i have half a sweet potatoe cooked in oven sliced thin like fries sometimes i dont. Veggies are usually incorporated into dishes as i hate them alone. i do this by adding them to stir fries, sauces etc.

I have hit a wall and i am getting frustrated. i understand i could cut out a little bit here and there, zero sweet potatoes instead of 1-2 a week, zero diet sodas, zero ketchup but i feel my intake is appropriate. Am i way off? again i weigh 277.8 this morning.

What have others of you done to get off a number you have been stuck on? i had pizza last weekend with the parents, so dont say carb refeed lol.