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    Is there any reason I shouldn't use nutritional yeast?

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    Like any adverse side-effects?

    i like the idea of adding a cheese-esque flavor to coffee.

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    There are a bajillion threads in the forum asking this very question, but Mark recently covered this in his blog as well:

    Is Smoked Salmon Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple

    I used to love this stuff when I was vegan, but haven't bought it since. I just stick with cheese!
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    Eww, in coffee? Lol.

    I use it all the time. So Delish on white rice with grass-fed butter.

    (also Delish on popcorn, heh)
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    It depends on how much you enjoy cheese. I tried nutritional yeast once and fortunately Whole Foods has a very liberal return policy.
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    I work in a grocery co-op that is very popular with the vegetarian/vegan crowd. We sell a lot of nutritional yeast. Some people will smother their cafe plates with it. I can't stand the smell of the stuff and I have to keep myself from making a face when I ring someone up that has it. Umm does that answer your question?
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    My mother used to feed us stuff like that when I was a kid. That's one reason I only eat real food.

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