OK not that I would want to however after two years of my "fad" diet, i just cannot ever see myself going back to the way I used to eat. Strangely enough my WOE before was not horrible, i have just gotten better at pretty much everything.

some days random thoughts of old school food come in my head and about once a year i will attempt to replicate said experience, however after so much FAIL i now know it is better for me to re-invent whatever it is.

does anyone else have a food they used to love that they now know they would be sadly disappointed with if they had it now.

for instance, cinnamon rolls. they used to be a good goodness. Now i cant imagine how i ever really liked those _ ok unfair as i gave up wheat two years ago and it doesnt really help the issue. but today i prefer what we call ginger muffins. Cinnamon, ginger saffron, clove and the standard coconut/lacuna flour muffin mix ( my standard = my chicka's secret recipe, LOL )

Chilli, Lasagne, Curry... all of them ruined by the need to rebuild them from scratch.