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    Cool Flax meal bread, permissable on occasion?

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    I have found a lax meal bread recipe on about .com. would you consider this permissable on occasion or even another recipe flax meal cereal for the morings on occasion as well? The say due to the fiber content and the over all net cabs makes it hardly any carbs at all but i just really want an opinion on this. I want to try this just for something different.

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    I would not subject plant-based omega 3 or 6 fatty acids to heat. Even with the antioxidant protection of the seeds they're still going to oxidize and cause a lot of free radical damage. I strongly recommend coconut-flour.
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    This biggest problem I see with occasional flax bread is the sudden dose of flax fiber. Can be rather discomfiting.

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    yeah, it could give your butt a real run for it's money.
    i should add, i've been pondering the same thing... maybe bake some and stick it in the freezer, pulling down a slice a week or something for eggs and bacon in the morning. i saw the same recipe.

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    I dont eat flax now (b/c I want to avoid goitrogens and hormone crap), but I have made the bread before. I sliced it and froze it, pulling out a slice and toasting it when I wanted some every few days. It was very good.
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