Okay, I have to say I am puzzled here. My daughter, who loves climbing, swimming and monkey bars already, and has badminton and basketball, keeps trying to train with me.

So, last night I led her through the short endurance circuit of:
1 set of 12 Bicep Curl, Deltoid Raise and OHP with 2 lbs dumbells - she could not handle 5 lbs safely
Pavel's ladders push-ups (she went off my very low bench, I went off the floor) - she can do one good push up, then loses back alignment and I stop her
and I got her to do an assisted chin-up on my pull-up bar

When we are in the gym, I get her to squat on Bosu (about 20 reps), and do push-ups of the 30" bench (she can do 3-4)

Is it bad for her to do this? Do I need to do something different? I know BC is not exactly exercise of choice, but I am afraid she can hurt herself with longer levelrs motion?

My only recollection of exercise is a bit later in life, around 10, we did body weight only (rope, bars, somersolts, push-ups and pull-ups, squats).

Is it safe to give her 2-3 lbs weights in that age and give her a mechanic isolation motion, or should I insist on the body weight?