What do I do? I have been eating primal a week now, but I am concerened with the quality meat we've been eating. I live in bolivia and am not sure what they feed the animals, they do give them antibiotics, they say they are fed balanced foods which I think is grain, and grass. You can never be sure here, sometimes I don't even think the sellers know what they are fed they just say what you want to hear. So I am still searching, but what should I do till then, my husbands bad cholestorol is a little high and that concerns me. Mine good cholestorol is a little low. I bough coconut oil and it will get here soon so I will be adding that to our diet. But my husband is a big meat eater and I am worried about this? Either way I have no choice because we will always eat meat, but any suggestions would be great! Also I have found a place that sells raw butter and cream I think, they say its fresh, and if we don't use it or freeze it it turns sour within a few days. So I am thinking its raw, but not sure about grass fed!