Firstly, some might already know, but I have a very small build for a guy - 5ft4 and weigh just 112lbs (due to illnesses in the past) and I am slowly putting on muscle again after a hellish 8 years. I am battling ME so my exercise is very very sporadic.

Be very grateful if you could give me your opinions on my diet. I don't care about taste, so ignore the fact that it doesn't look appealing, I eat for fuel only and I have to be careful what I eat because I am currently beating Ulcerative Colitis by only eating what I am eating. I am trying to put on muscle mass without gaining fat - it seems to be working well.

Upon waking: Squats followed by Glutamine and BCAA powder in a pint of water

12pm- Tomato soup (double concentrated tomato paste, butter, salt)

2:30pm- Tomato soup

WORKOUT (if I have any spare energy, sometimes can't move lol)

5pm- Chicken or Salmon, eggs, green vegetables and butter

7:30pm- Same as above.

Before Bed- Gouda (cheese) 100grams

I have a total of 250grams of butter a day haha, doctors would be angry at me