Hi all,

My mother's 60-something aged boyfriend was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer (not a smoker). I believe he goes to radiation therapy every day, but I believe he has also started chemotherapy as well. He has a terrible diet... drinks Coke every day with every meal, abundant grains - bread with every meal, Horlick's powder (?!), cereal AND toast every morning, Twinkies and all that other packaged crap. He is overweight in the midsection. I keep pressing my mom to get him to eat better, but my mom doesn't want to push him since he's already having a hard time with everything. I totally understand where she's coming from but I truly think that following a better diet or even a ketogenic one at this point will do nothing but benefit him. My mom eats primarily SAD but she's cutting down on her wheat consumption at least. I know she wants him to eat better but I think she's at the point where her mentality is "well, he's already suffering so let him eat what he wants."

How do I go about approaching him? I don't want it to seem selfish or that I'm overstepping my boundaries here but I just feel like he can at least help himself by altering his diet while he's dealing with cancer.

Thanks in advance!