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Thread: Question for those recovered from EDs

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    Question for those recovered from EDs

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    I've seen some mention in various posts around here about how primal has helped with eating disorder recovery. I know it's pretty personal, but I am very interested to know HOW primal has helped you.

    Was it to be able to eat without counting and fearing every calorie?

    The ability to eat a reasonable calorie deficit without being starving?

    How did/do you use this way of eating to heal?

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    I can say that eating primal is a give-and-take balancing act.

    If I crave something made with dough/flour/whatever, I have to still let myself eat it. Otherwise I get back into ED mode.
    However, I try to remind myself that it will still be there if I want it after eating a salmon patty and three cups of buttery broccoli.

    In the meantime, I feel much more self-nourished by food. Instead of making myself eat and then forcing myself to starve, and then allowing myself to slip into a binge and hating myself for it, I am cooking more delicious, healthful food. Treating myself and my boyfriend to steaks and omelets and mussels and tons of veggies and fruits and nuts.

    I haven't lost any weight on primal, probably because in order to stay sane I am not very strict. But my feet are pointed in a much more constructive, eating-normal direction.

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