Who out there lives with at least one non-primal person? Spouse, parent(s), roommates, siblings. I think we could use a space to talk about our successes and struggles in living the way that works for us without being too pushy on others, but still want to set a good example for our friends and family!

My story:

My boyfriend of 9 years and I live together and he's seen me through thick (literally...) and thin (also literally). When we met, I was skinny-fat: a nice thin size 2 or 4 with very very little muscle. Five years later when we graduated college, I was fat-fat: size 12 or 14. Most of the first five years of our relationship in college was spent lounging around, watching movies, and eating crap (a common dinner was to share a meat-lover's pizza and a two-liter of Mountain Dew, followed by ice cream and/or pop tarts). When I moved to go to work, we were long-distance for two years, during which I decided to get healthy. I lost nearly 40 pounds and was a size 6, though not very strong.

When we moved in together two years ago, I was mostly vegan. After seeing the error of my ways last summer, I'm now living a roughly 90% Primal lifestyle. Though it took him a while, he's now totally and completely supportive and accepting of my decisions, but he won't change his ways, and I don't want him to change unless he wants to. He still eats cereal for breakfast and a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch. I do 100% of the cooking, so dinner is always primal (lots of protein, lots of veg, sometimes a starchy carb like potato); if he wants a carb with his dinner, he's more than welcome to boil some pasta or make some toast for himself to go with the meat/veg.

I don't want to call this a "support group", but... for lack of a better term... I can only assume/hope that I'm not the only one who needs support in this! I'm sure it's different if you have kids, or if you're living with non-Primal parents... but any stories, tips, or irritating moments you want to share... please do! Let's not let this thread die.