Hi all,

Having read through the countless Iodine threads and posts I am still none the wiser whether to supplement with Iodine.

I just wondered what people did in the UK to get Iodine as it is really hard from my experience to get it from food if you eat this way. I don't know any supermarket that stocks seaweed or kelp and I don't eat enough Saltwater fish to get the recommended dose.

I have decided to do an experiment on myself using PHDs recommendation of Potassium Iodide - it is en route from Amazon.

This is based on the fact that since cutting out dairy, and most processed foods, my fat loss has been great but my mental clarity and general energy has not been that what I want recently and I seem to have many of the Iodine deficiency symptoms.

so anyone with a similar experience in the UK?

Thanks for reading.