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Thread: What would you want on the menu at a Paleo/Primal deli style restaurant?

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    What would you want on the menu at a Paleo/Primal deli style restaurant?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering what you all would want to see on a menu at a paleo/primal deli style restaurant? I've been considering doing this for a while and wanted your thoughts.

    Thank you!

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    Roast beast, pastrami, bacon, garlic sausage, egg, standard sammich veggies+ standard salad veggies + in season veggies, pickles, and a decent cheese selection.
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    All the gross bits, in some form or another, and fermented things

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    It would just be nice to see simple meat and veg, but with confirmation it is not cooked in vegie oil or laced with hidden wheat or sugar. It is almost impossible to get 'clean' food.

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    Non-cured meats like chicken, steak, roast beef, pulled pork. Cured meats that include liverwurst and head cheese. Since delis usually have sandwiches, maybe have something for non-bread eaters that isn't just salad. Like a sandwich bowl or fajita bowl or something where there's lots of meat, veggies and sweet potatoes but it's not just another salad with a homeopathic dose of dried out chicken breast on top. Awesome desserts would be good, too. Maybe some duck fat fried sweet potato chips or something.
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    Alternate dipping vehicles, such as dried vegetables, pork rinds, fried cheese wafers. Along with some fantabulous dips.

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    I would totally frequent such a restaurant for the desserts - a much preferred option to making something at home and then have multiple portions use their siren song to lure me into the kitchen.

    Also +1 to duck fat potatoes and alternate dipping vehicles.

    Also eggplant lasagna.

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    Basically everything that is available at a regular NY/Jewish deli... just without the bread! I'm Jewish and from NY and when I go to delis nowadays, tossing away the rye bread makes me cringe because it used to be my favorite thing... and now it's just teasing me, staring at me in the face when my order comes! Once I get over that, though, I happily gobble down my corned beef with spicy brown mustard. Yummmm.

    Also, if you could find a way to do a more pirmal-friendly knish, I'd be enthralled to know the recipe and/or give it a taste test.
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    Really good salads. Like get creative with lots of veggies and good meats and amazing home made dressings. Stews and soups for winter. Bunless burgers of all types.
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    Everything everyone posted above, plus chicken liver, lettuce wraps, lettuce tacos (when I was in the Bay Area recently, I had these lettuce tacos that were awesome--basically carnitas, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, radishes, cilantro, etc. on a lettuce leaf instead of tortilla--I had them three days in a row), chicken pot pie soup if you can figure out how to make it without using flour as a thickening agent yet still get it to taste like chicken pot pie instead of just chicken soup (because I love chicken pot pie but now can't eat it), and crustless quiche. Primal "bread" would be nice too. It would make the purists sputter, but I think it would be a nice option for people who want something that resembles a regular sandwich every once in a while. Oh, and roast duck. Don't forget the duck (and you can use the fat to cook the sweet potatoes). Yum!! Just thinking about this is making me so hungry.

    If you were to embark on such an endeavor, where would you be opening this wonderful deli?

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