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Thread: It sucks being healthy!!!

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    It sucks being healthy!!!

    This is my first rant on a message board, and it will probably be my last. I just came here to vent and see if anyone has experienced some of these things.

    For yourself personally, healthiness is great. For the world, it messes everything up! I'll give a few examples:
    -sleep deepness
    -vitality/sex drive/whatever you want to call it
    -wide feet and toes, way too big in the middle section to wear anything but baggy pants (I'm fit; I don't mean fatness)

    I used to just sluff off any problems that arised from my above characteristics, but I'm now taking total responsibility for my actions and my life. This means I have to legitimately attack "problems" that are really positive signs my body is healthy. Here's how the above has affected me.

    Intelligence: I could apologize all day for bragging and supply evidence so the reader knows this is not a delusion of my own, but I won't for the sake of brevity. Let's just accept I'm in the top 5 percentile of intelligence (could be anywhere in there; could be #1 ever, could be the last guy to make it). If I'm going to have a girlfriend and not a f*** buddy, that means we need to get along, laugh at each others jokes and be on the same wavelength. Let's just assume that means we need close to equal intelligence. I've already limited the field to 5% of women if we assume the distribution is the same for women and men. For one, women are generally more capable of dating a less intelligent persons because they are their lovable 'manly' men. For two, what are intelligent women my age (22) doing? Are they out having fun on Friday nights or even out on Fridays at 4 going to the grocery store? No, they're in school, working on something after school, or simply at work. And how many of that 5% are off the market anyways? That number means 5 in 100. Let's say 2 out of 5 are too busy to ever get out much (that might be very conservative), 2 out of 5 do have serious relationships, and 1 out of the 5 is physically unattractive to me (and 1 out of 5 are low standards...come on). So what are my odds of finding a girlfriend right now before we factor in anything else about the situation? Technically 0 in 100. Less than 10 in 1000. So essentially, I'm learning more and more that I have to just ignore the search for a great mental connection in the interest of at least getting laid and feeling some sort of intimacy at all. I'm*t, I can't miss out on those good things while waiting for love if it ever effing comes. That's not a totally rosy path either though. How many ladies are just looking to hook up? And what percentage of them are weird or shady? Most of them are defected in some way, so I'm going waaay below my level just so I can get a little release.

    Sleep deepness: I literally can sleep anywhere and stay asleep. I'm always alert when awake, but when I sleep, nothing wakes me up until I am ready to be woken. Alarms never really worked for me. I need that 8 hours or whatever exact number my body is looking for. So, if I don't go to bed at least 8 hours before I have to get up in the morning for school or work, I'm not always screwed, but I am enough of the time to not be a reliable attender of school/work in the morning. Sleep deepness is a sign of great physical health for the system in your body that involves sleep, no? I always feel extremely refreshed upon waking.

    Vitality/sex drive/whatever you want to call it: I have energy all day and all night. That part about intelligence above just amplifies my difficulties here sometimes because if you don't have a girlfriend, you can't get a true release without a one night stand or f*** buddy. I sit in my bed very warmly with active & ready muscles and a racing mind. These indicate a fast metabolism, a fit muscular system, and an energetic mind. Those are good characteristics, no? Well, it keeps me up late at night, and it frequently leaves me feeling extremely full but unable to 'unload'. I'm trying not to make this dirty for the PC people who're disgusted by any mention of sex, but there's just no other way to put it.

    Irregular body size: This is not my main complaint, but I threw it in as I was thinking of other effects of being healthy. I have had to resort to custom shoes so I have something to wear besides Vibram Five Fingers. My feet just don't fit comfortably in anything else, even most of the "minimalist" shoes. As for my pants and most shorts, I currently wear a waist size 38 despite being waist size 32 or so. Anything else is skin tight and looks ridiculous on me. Yes, I have tried "loose" style Levi's and other brands. They were still skin tight. I basically wear a 38 pair of wool trousers, a 38 pair of shorts, and basketball shorts. At least most shirts fit me.

    Ok end of rant.
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