I've decided to go back onto a Paleo style regime - I used to be a member of the Active Low Carbers forum a few years ago but it got a bit stale and I went back to a lot of rice and "low fat alternatives" usual story. You guys seem to be more far-reaching and motivated, and not just obsessed with whether peas or corn are allowed on the diet

We are really blessed around here, most of the beef is grass fed and we have good supplies of free range chickens, eggs and lamb glorious lamb (I was surprised to learn that half of Americans have never tried lamb).

For the last 6 months I've been really tired and lacking energy, sleeping badly and getting a few dizzy spells. As well as putting on thunder thighs and ass and a belly. Blood and CT results are excellent - as often is the case I think half the problem is above the neck, so I've decided I need a makeover so out with the rice and in with the meat, lard, eggs, fish and coconut oil.