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Thread: Inflammation+ protein shakes+ primal+ recovery

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    Inflammation+ protein shakes+ primal+ recovery

    Hi, Ive had cfs for 15 years. Im young, in good shape, look after myself, but just feel awful always. Tried practically everything and have finally found success with the primal diet. Vitamins, minerals, b12 shots etc have helped immensely, but still toggling with my diet. Despite the pain in my joints having subsided, I can still feel immense inflammation in my digestive track still after a couple of months of going primal. Ive limited all allergens and phytic acid and eat bascially 3 meals a day as recommended. Im now taking digestive enzyes with my meals which seems to help. My questions are:

    1: Since i still struggle with digestion/inflammation, is it ok to have a quickly absorbed protein shake as a meal? Its so much easier to digest which may help me heal quicker as it gives my digestion a rest? It feels so much more comfortable drinking shakes and eating fruits at the moment. I think ideally id like to fast but my life is very stressful at the moment so it may be impractical. The problem however, is that im allergic to whey- it makes me nauseous- but i think im ok with casein. Also thought perhaps hydrolyzed whey would be ok too as its less allergenic?

    2. How long can i expect to recover? Should i be better by now?
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