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Thread: A Shout Out to Say Thank You!

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    A Shout Out to Say Thank You!

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    I felt the need to send my gratitude to everyone who posts and shares thoughts, successes, critiscisms and ideas. It is wonderful to have such good company to discuss health with. I have learned a plethora of info in the last few weeks of reading and responding and enjoy my daily dose of MDA. The advice given to me has been quality and appreciated. I have a much clearer picture of what my diet and lifestyle should consist of and the sense of community (I know no other fellow groker) is compelling. Even though I haven't been tracking my physical changes, I feel better, and am noticing differences in the way I look. I have resensitised my body to detect unhealthy foods and practices. I remember the first few responders to my questions and to you and everyone else I wanted to give thanks. Aww, shucks, a little MDA love moment.

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    Amen! (that's a very none religious amen)

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