I am 52 yo male started lifting heavy after starting Paleo 10/3/12 I am probably 85% Bud Light is a downfall.

I bought an Olympic bench and weights mid Dec. and started with the big 3 Deads, Squats, and Bench.

I made the switch to a split 5 weeks in as my recovery was starting to hinder my lifts, added chinups with deadlifts and pushups with benchpress.

My progress;

Deadlift start 140/6---220/6
Squats start 140/8---215/7
Bench start 140/8---170/5
Chins start 0----4
Pushups 20/2

start wt 191 waist 36 levi's
todays wt 179 waist 32 Levi's

goals for Dec 31 2013

Dead 270/6
Bench 225/8
Chinups 25