I'm curious to know how others deal with having a non-primal spouse or partner. I started following a paleo/primal lifestyle a while ago but have yet to convince my husband over the whole thing. He has watched me follow this way of life, has seen me listening to podcasts, reading books, pouring over MDA but his curiosity has not peaked. He eats what I cook... we don't and haven't used things like vegetable/canola oil for a long time but he still eats his pasta, rice, cous cous and bread, as well as his soft drinks, white chocolate and other lollies etc.

He is very active, lean and has low body fat, which is why I think he hesitates to follow this way of life. I guess because I'm not as fit as him he thinks that giving up these foods won't change the way he looks so why should he give these things up. Even when I explain to him that it's not just about how you look on the outside but the inside he still won't budge.

Obviously I don't want to push him as I know that will just have the opposite effect, which I've seen already. I try to point things out here and there but to no avail. So my question is do I just let it go? I mean I guess the person has to want it to make it work, but watching him eat cereal for breakfast, then bread for lunch then pasta for dinner is hard!

How do you deal with it if you're in the same situation?