To give you some background, I've lost over 40 pounds on the primal/paleo diet. At first, I was losing weight so quickly that the success stories seemed like the slow lane to me. On top of that, I can lift about 50% to 60% more than when starting Primal about ten months ago.

Now, I've hit a serious plateau. I've read dozens of posts on getting through a plateau. I've crossed off all the typical problems of the list. I'm eating almost zero fruit. I stopped snacking on nuts about 100%. No chocolate, honey, and other semi-cheats. No my portions are not insane. Yes, I'm walking, lifting, sprinting, etc. Check fasting on the list too.

There seems to be a subsector of blog posts for people in my exact situation. They've tried it all and they're still at the plateau. It seems two things work from here: either making your exercises even more strenuous or reducing portions even more. This seems to work for a lot of people.

However, here's my issue: this may work and I guess that I'll give it a try, but I feel like I'm right back where I started before going primal i.e. counting calories, portion control, and strenuous exercise every day of the week.

So, it seems like that even though this might break the plateau, you lose everything that's great about the primal diet. Anyone have thoughts or feeling on this?