Hi, Everyone,

Since going primal, I've had strange reactions to drinking diet sodas. In particular, I get seriously dizzy. Here's my background leading up to this,

Prior to going primal, I wasn't a huge soda drinker, but when I went out to eat, I would get a Diet Coke or two. I never experienced dizziness of any kind.

So, when I was about a month into primal, I had a cheat day and had a diet soda. I felt really dizzy to the point where I needed to lay down when coming home. I didn't really get it at first. But then the same thing happened again two more times and only after drinking diet soda. With regular Coke, nothing unusual happens.

After searching the internet, I have found out that there are people who are sensitive to diet soda and get dizzy. However, I have found no cases of someone becoming sensitive to diet soda. Anyone else out there?

Anyways, it's not a huge deal as this sort of opened my eyes and I'm staying away from diet soda. I'm just curious to what caused this change or if anyone else has had the same experience. Any thoughts or theories?