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Thread: Feeling soo confused right now ;/

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    Unhappy Feeling soo confused right now ;/

    After dieting for the last 20 years using the "healthy" way if eating (decreased carbs, high fruits and veggies, and low cal/fat foods), ive decided to give primal a try. My husband was introduced to primal a few months ago at work and he was interested. He hasnt cared about weightloss ever.. so I thought if I learned more about primal then we could BOTH do this and help each other! I weighed 290 pounds last April (im 5'7), I now weigh 210. So I have done very well. Im much more active, but for some reason this fat in the mid section is about to drive me crazy. I have seen many transformation blogs about how their bodies changed with primal.. not just the weight. I have read the primal blueprint, Rich food-Poor Food, and many many posts on marks site. But Im just not getting it

    Any help would be appreciated. What i get from everything ive read is calories during the day depend on how active you plan on being that day, whether you are really hungry or not, if you are fasting..etc.. I usually eat 1400-1700 calories a day. about 90% clean foods, lots of water, no soda.. Do cardio 3x a week, strength training 2x a week.. Calories and amount of protein and carbs depend on how much lean body mass you have?? Is that right? I dont know how much lean body mass I have. Im very muscular. As a female, I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), which causes me to have triple the testosterone of that of a Man.. One of my instructors said that I will probably gain muscle faster than that of a woman (who knows how correct that

    Please help! I want to get this right for my husband! Im excited to try Primal, just feel lost right now!

    Any recipe sites? Good ones?

    thanks in advance!
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