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Thread: Is it chronic cardio?

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    Thank you that really really helps and motivates me! I will give it a shot, I posted this because I was concerned I was over doing it. I will keep this all in mind this week and try to incorporate more weight training.

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    Slow then fast with depletion of glucose stores during the slow part and anaerobic for the fast part. No eating or drinking anything but light water during the at least 1 hour previous and 2 hours post work out.

    Slow workout = heavy lifting, yoga, walking, cardio(where you can easily sing call me maybe)
    Fast workout = you can barely say the word call

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    So funny when women say they dont want to get bulky (muscular). I dont think i have ever seen a noticably over-muscular women in my entire life. Internet doesnt count.

    Trust me VL, i have trained quite a few women who have worried about that and all are nothing but excited when they start putting on a little muscle. It really does help with body portions and adds curves to the right places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeggieLover View Post
    I used to run a LOT and ended up losing some weight, however I got injured so put it on hold. When I started running again, in fact I had the same issue in which I started to gain weight and could feel it in my legs especially. I have not been running recently, but I could give it a shot again and see if that helps at all. What about weight training though? Any benefit to this Serenity?
    I think weight training is good. I started seriously doing weights about a year and a half ago. Now I lift twice a week. I like my muscles, and I don't think I've bulked up excessively. It does make it harder to lose weight though (if you're just looking at the number on the scale). Actually, it hasn't really made me lose any body fat either. I'm a weird case. Nothing seems to work for me except running. But I still lift weights because I like the increased strength and the muscle (I'm very proud of my biceps and triceps). I do Rachel Cosgrove's Female Body Breakthrough, which I think is pretty good for a beginner.

    I'm going to start CrossFit soon though. That's another possibility, if you have the money and think you may enjoy torture.

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