I have been on Medifast since the beginning of the year and ready to make the leap to Primal. It definitely dropped the weight, 6'2 male started at 244 lbs and currently 205 lbs. After reading this site a while and running across a blog detailing the ingredients and potential issues it is worrisome to say the least. I planned on going Primal after the Medifast "transition" phase, but decided the time is now. I have already been eating a lot of meat and veggies for dinners, but have a few questions to determine what intake I should have.

I currently eat 800-1000 calories a day, but on a Primal scale it should be in the 2500 range. I believe I should just add in a couple hundred calories a week until I reach that level. Sound right? I have been done with grains and extensive carbs for a couple months so no worries on carb flu. I plan on staying in the 75-90 carbs per day range until I hit my goal weight of 190.

What are some good higher carb primal foods to recommend? I need to fill a 60 gram void by removing the Medifast meals (I was getting around 15-20 carbs from veggies and condiments). I also need to add more healthy fats so favorite recommendations there would be great. I have some coconut oil, creamer and milk, bought a couple avacados today, will be eating more meat (a lot of bison) and eggs than previously.

Any advice you can give to walk away from the chemical diet and into a natural way of life on short notice would be much appreciated. Thanks!