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Thread: Convincing slim, healthy children to go primal.

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    Question Convincing slim, healthy children to go primal.

    Can anyone give me some advice about how to convince my children that primal eating is important for their health? All but one of my 5 children are struggling with the idea of eating primal because most of the information I have to present them is primarily focused on weight loss, and they don't need to lose weight. ***The question has arisen as to the ages: 21, 18, 17, 15, 12.

    My wife and I are both on the paleo lifestyle (thanks to her), and she's been coming up with incredibly flavorful meals. They (the kids) just don't think they're in any danger, since, at this point, they seem absolutely healthy.

    I'm especially concerned for my three step children (BTW, it's only at moments like this that I refer to them as "step" children since their father passed away and I'm their earthly father figure at this point) since their father passed away at the age of 46 from a massive chunk of plaque blocking his artery. He was the picture of health and had no symptoms of poor health until the day he passed. His (my) children think I'm off my rocker because the Primal Blueprint and Wheat Belly books (both of which I highly recommend) place so much emphasis on weight loss and I can't seem to get them to read past that part of it.

    My fear is that, whatever has caused their father's early passing along with a big family history of the same outcome, is going to happen to them, since they all tend to have the same dietary lifestyles. But I'm REALLY struggling with how to talk to them without them taking it as though I'm somehow saying they're fat, or unhealthy at this time in their lives.

    I could ramble on for pages about this thought, but I won't. If anybody can point to some information that ISN'T weight-based, but more muscular, brain, cardiovascular focused, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Grok-on, my fellow cave people.
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