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Thread: Captive animals on natural diets

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    Captive animals on natural diets

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    Hi everyone,

    I remember reading somewhere that animals do not become obese when fed their natural diets -- even in captivity. I have been searching but cannot find a link to this anywhere. Do any of you know of any studies or data that show this? I'm trying to convince my family to go primal with me. For some reason this idea really resonated with them. It would go a long way if I could find a citation that demonstrates it.



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    Try the BARF diet for pets, as they will likely have some good info. (Biologically-Appropriate Raw Food).

    There have been a few news articles in the past few years, especially about primates and diet, but I'm not finding much either.

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    I stumbled onto an old post here from 2011 about gorillas in captivity being switched over to a natural diet and it helped them with a lot of things, including the habit of regurgitating and re-eating.
    I saw a video of that someone took in a zoo and it was the freakiest thing! I'd never witnessed that, but the zoo I lived near growing is known for having a good primate habitat and I know for a fact that they feed the gorillas raw fruit and veggies. I remember last time I was there (in my teens) seeing a keeper tossing grapefruit halves over the moat to them. I specifically remember that because she kept hitting one in the face, and he looked so annoyed.

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