Hey all. I'm a newbie and soon to be starting the Paleo lifestyle (fresh out of college and waiting on that first good paycheck). As it stands right now, I suffer from severe ADHD. As in if I don't get my caffiene for the day I have zero ability to function. Spacy, distracted, can't concentrate; basically I should be clipped to a leash and led around, or just not let out in public. I didn't want to go theedication route because...because well speed, cocaine, meth, and antidepressants. Yuck. My question is: is white coffee paleo? Green tea doesn't work that well for me at all. I do hope that this lifestyle will eventually eliminate the need all together for medicating, but in the meantime I know the going will be slow. And right now my diet is pizza, tamales, canned chili, cheese, meal shakes, chips, sodas...basically, whatever my other half puts in the house. Nightmare in the making, and most likely 90% of the reason my whole body is on the fritz. ALSO I am lactose intolerant (except butter...yay) and use mostly hemp, rice, and almond milk. Are these paleo? And finally--how, how, HOW can manage my aversion to cooking without burning out on salads? I will be working 40-55 hours a week, most likely 4-12 am or 12-8 am ( a LOT of factories here), so I really don't see myself getting off work going "Yay! Cooking!" Sorry for the long post :-).