I was reading this article- Dear Mark: Cheap Meat? | Mark's Daily Apple
because I wanted more info on how I can save money on this diet. I have the budget of $200-300 (usually aiming for $200, because I really don't have extra money right now) a month, so in the past I've eaten legumes (tofu and peanut butter), just to make sure I got enough calories. I've dropped peanut butter after learning I'm mildly allergic to it (paying attention to your body has it's benefits). I used to eat no tofu or peanut butter, and was eating eggs, but learned I was allergic to those as well... (developed facial cysts from eating them. Stopped eating them, cysts went away), so now I use them sparingly.

My question is, are there any other ways to get meat in my diet? Anything I'm overlooking? Add in ore nuts perhaps? Thank you!