Here in the big apple, we have a very health-conscious mayor, and not everyone agrees with him. All chain food places post their calorie info right on the menu, transfats are banned, and he has tons of legislation against soda-banning drinks larger than 16 ozs, pizza places from delivering 2 liter sodas and children's birthday parties from having pitchers of soda.

Ads in the subway warn about sugar in sodas, the amount of miles you'd have to walk to burn off the calories, and suggestions on how to get more exercise.

Smoking is banned in public parks, bars, and anti-smoking ads are everywhere. I can't say this is what caused me to quit- it was the $13-15.00 a pack that did it for me.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, while I think warnings about sugar should be up there with warnings about smoking, I worry he might make fat in general another crusade. I also think making healthy food cheaper and easier to access would be more beneficial. He already asked bodega owners to stock their fresh produce up front, but fresh produce can still be very expensive here.

So...nanny state? Or good mayor?