I need to make a feast for my SADing parents on a special occasion. They will be here for breakfast, a big lunch/dinner feast, and the next day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want them to be blown away. I want them to never miss a single grain or white sugar- or even realize they aren't there.

My mom is super picky and lives off of carbs only. I'm not super worried about her because she is picky about everything, this isn't going to change for one meal. My dad will probably be happy if it's not too 'weird.' So no super unusual foods, seasonings, or difficult to eat foods.

They do not do fish, and I don't want to serve chicken or turkey (which they already eat a lot) I think the only veggie I have seen my dad eat is corn, lettuce, and potato, so I am a little stumped there.

I want this feast to be amazing, off the chain, pull out all the stops, best ever. I also need to make sure I can make all things with one ovens, four burners and a crockpot, so stuff you make ahead of time would also be nice. I need to be prepared for lunch and breakfast the next day, dessert, and snacks. Oh, and a baby will be attending, but he's totally primal and hoovers away anything in front of him.

So...have you ever done a big, fancy primal meal? How did you go about it?