I need help to understand what kind of pulses make the non-grain category? I live in India, which is huge on pulses for most of the meals and easy accessible.

Wiki post: "Included in the pulses are: dry beans like pinto beans, kidney beans and navy beans; dry peas; lentils"
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Also adds:

"The term "pulse", as used by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), is reserved for crops harvested solely for the dry seed. This excludes green beans and green peas, which are considered vegetable crops. Also excluded are crops that are mainly grown for oil extraction (oilseeds like soybeans and peanuts), and crops which are used exclusively for sowing (clovers, alfalfa). However, in common use, these distinctions are not clearly made, and many of the varieties so classified and given below are also used as vegetables, with their beans in pods while young; cooked in whole cuisines; and sold for the purpose; for example, black eyed beans, lima beans and Toor or pigeon peas are thus eaten as fresh green beans, or cooked as part of a meal."

I am not sure if pulses work good within primal, and if so, then at what (pyramid) level it exists - how much can I gorge