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Thread: Smoked meats?

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    Smoked meats?

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    I'm a college student and going home this summer to live with my parents, and they have a stovetop smoker. I've made delicious smoked pulled pork with it. I have a hard time staying primal and eating enough meat, but I know I will adhere if I have ample smoked pulled pork and brisket! But I am wondering if eating lots of home smoked meats is harmful to one's health? Carcinogens?

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    But what a lovely way to go!

    Seriously, I would think that smoked meat is a minor concern compared to the junk in the polluted air we breathe, and so on... Are you living permanently there or just over summer? If just over summer, I'd say have at it! If long term, maybe moderate use "just in case". May also depend on what you use to generate the smoke - certain woods might be better or worse. Thinking out loud, we - as in people - have inhaled wood smoke for thousands upon thousands of years, and I don't believe caves came with chimneys.....

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