Some love affairs last for ever others take our breath away they are so fast and furious.

Our health, both mental and physical can be stolen by these love affairs.

Well this love affair was a one way street all take and no give. It has been a forever affair that I have finally

decided is over. The break up has to happen. No more sneaking back this is IT itís over. And for the record itís

YOU not ME that is the problem

Bread you and I are no longer an item you have given me such joy, at the time of consumption, then such

discomfort. The bloating, seriously I can gain centimetres overnight this I will not miss. The rumbling tummy I

will not miss. I will miss the mopping up of delicious sauces and the crunch of toast slathered in butter. But this

is the time right now to say goodbye.

So now itís out there in public I am to be held accountable for my declaration if you see me even thinking about

eating bread please do an intervention