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Thread: Kettlebell workouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    I hate turkish get ups LOL
    Ive been doing snatches and cleans as well as swings. It poops me so fast, but my fitness is very low at the moment.
    Lots of good suggestions above. I also do partial TGU as a warm up before lifting, that is, only the first four positions.

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    I like to do standard swings and various carries like farmer and rack. Another weird one is what I call 'pick up the baby'. I don't think there are any videos of this lift, at least the last time I looked so I'll try to describe it. I heard about it from a connection with Pavel when someone asked him how a person could work the pectorals with a kb. I think he calls it the Kettlebell Crush Lift, but Picking up the Baby is funnier.

    place kb about 1/2 an arm's length in front of you. Squat and get your hands under the bell, gripping it like a basketball. Keep your hands directly below the handle, thumb and all. Now pick up the kb and raise it to head height. Pick it up like you would a little kid and look up slightly at the bell. It should be in front of your face, not directly over your head. Never compete for space with a kettlebell. Then lower it back to the ground. Keep your back and neck in neutral positions. Don't bend and lift. Just squeeze the bell to grip it, stand up and lift it in front of your face or a little above. Your arms should be extended and the bell away from your body. Elbows bent, but don't hug the bell. Repeat.

    Now that will get your heart moving. I use a 35lb/16kg bell for these. Usually 5 sets of 5.
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    I tend to avoid swings since they seem to aggravate a back problem I have. I love single arm shoulder presses, bent over rows, goblet squats, weighted walking lunges, single leg deadlifts and lunges while holding the kb up with the opposite arm of the leg doing the lunging (fwd and back).

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