I'm Amber. I'm 24. I'm a single mom to a 10 month old baby girl (I'm divorced.. to make a log story short, he was abusive, I had my daughter, and 4 days later left him to protect her and myself).
I was vegan for the past 6 years, until this past October, and gluten free vegan for 3 of those years, as well as raw vegan for 2. I did a complete overhaul on my life after leaving the abusive relationship- location, eating habits, everything. I LOVE eating meat.
I allow myself cheat weekends, whenever I'm with my boyfriend. I love Starbucks mochas, cheesecake, pizza and poutine- and I consider weekends where I get one or two of those things to be my 20%. The rest of the time I'm perfectly paleo (dairy-free). I would be 100% paleo, with no cheat days, but my boyfriend is normal... and so is his family, and I'd hate to insult them. I also like the freedom after so many years of being vegan.
I'm 5'6, and range from 115 to 120 pounds. I'm currently trying to regain weight, because my boobs are just not what they used to be. I can't figure out if it's because of weight loss (though I weighed in the 117-122 range before I was pregnant. I gained to 145-150), or because of breastfeeding, or because I'm more muscular than I was before. (Question: Will upping my fat intake help get my boobs back to the size they were before? Was a 32 DD, now am a 32D... I'll probably ask in a thread in the forum).
I hike 5 days a week every day for an hour- an hour and a half I also hike with my daughter in a backpack carrier- which weighs about 70 pounds total, a couple of times a week. I do chin-ups five days a week as well, just because I find it easy and fun. Reminds me of climbing trees when I was a kid.

Hoping to make this forum one of my second homes