I ate something really funny yesterday: soup made on three days refrigerator matured fish! I had a tasty fishmeal some days ago, so nice that I decided to use the leftovers the day after, and forgot about it for three whole days! Well, it smelled good and tasted good also, so I finally made a fishy soup on the leftovers, which I ate up everything of, had a bedtime whiskey, and wake up early today with something strange things going on in my stomach… I got it to the bathroom just in time for the nasty blow-out! Soup in and soup out so to say, and I have been going to the bathroom for the most of the day.

Not that bad from a weight loss perspective though, only that I don’t need to lose any more weight, so I obviously now can allow myself a better meal when the stomach is ready for it again!

So, do you have any good or bad experiences with diarrhea? Here is the thread to share all your experiences and stories on this very important topic!