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Thread: Green Smoothies (32 oz of raw green goodness)

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    Green Smoothies (32 oz of raw green goodness)

    A paleo lifestyle is not just about meat or absence of grains. It is about taking care of yourself and nourishing your body with pure unprocessed foods. A healthy paleo lifestyle includes copious amounts of juicy fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor.

    One easy and filling way to get all your veggies in is through a blended green smoothie. This has become my lunch almost every day. Not in this variation alone - but whatever greens and veggies I have on hand and feel like that day. I love it! it gives you energy all afternoon, makes you full, and, as an added bonus is great for the skin and hair - not to mention the immunue system! BTW: It travels well in a mason jar with a screw on plastic lid. Make it in the am and just pack it in your cooler Recipe<3

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