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Thread: How does your fat & cholesterol intake compare to that of CW recommendations?

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    How does your fat & cholesterol intake compare to that of CW recommendations?

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    I know that fats, particularly saturated and monounsaturated, as well as cholesterol are vital to good health. I've been wondering, how does your intake of these nutrients compare to what the FDA would have you eating? Is there ever an "overdoing" it when it comes to your daily consumption of saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and cholesterol?

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    I eat 12 eggs a day and tons of butter and cheese. That's probably sky-high compared to even primal standards.

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    I use CRON-O-Meter software to track my daily intake and all vitamins, minerals, lipids, etc. I have nutrients set to the DRI recs, which are about as CW as they come, for my age/height/weight, and yesterday for example I got 776% of my recommended saturated fat intake and 513% of cholesterol. And I usually get 70% of my daily cals as fat, rather than 30% or less as recommended.

    Most doctors would be horrified by my diet, I'm sure.

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    lol, yeah same here, 6 eggs a day, 1 liter of whole milk a day + an avocado or two, oh, I also cook my beef or pork in bacon fat to get it extra good,
    I think this would be considered a no no fda approval :P

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    Since I've been tracking my daily intake religiously on FitDay, I have the precise measurements.

    Averages over the past 4 weeks (weight loss 9.5 lbs)
    (April 4th through May 1st)
    Average daily Calories: 1,669
    Fat: 78%
    Carbs: 5%
    Protein: 17%

    Saturated fat: 74.6g (40% of total calories)
    Polyunsaturated fat: 8.9g (5%)
    Monounsaturated fat: 40g (21%)

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