Have been doing slow running alternating with walking, and I sometimes have a crampy pain that comes in adductor region, upper left inner thigh. It's near that major tendon. Last night it flat out cramped, hurt pretty bad, so I walked back home. What to do?
1. Even more magnesium--I take 800 mg of Magnesium oxide daily.
2. Calcium? Sodium?
Thing about it is, I don't get a lot of cramps anywhere else which to me makes electrolytes a bit less likely.
3. Stretching the area?
4. Strengthening the area?
5. Massage?
6. Warm up a lot more, or warm up differently? (I'm 58, and usually do a 5 minute walk, accelerating from slow to regular, and then do a couple of 30 second jogs during warmup. Sometimes also will do a Pilates 100's.)

Any thoughts out there?