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Thread: The last few, I thought I'd finaly ask for your opinion

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    The last few, I thought I'd finaly ask for your opinion

    A bit of back-story:

    VLC - ketosis from March '11 till April '12. Lost around 35 lbs. during that period. 95% Primal since April of last year.

    Current diet and stats:

    1300 - 1500 calories daily. Protein - 80 - 90g. Carbs around 100g. sometimes a little less. Carb refeed about once a week or so, around 250g. - bananas, sweet potatoes, other fruit, raw honey, dark chocolate, white rice on occasion. On days I go high-carb, I lower fat to offset calories. Used to overeat few times per month, no longer feel compulsion to do that. Yay! I also do a version of IF where I have 2 meals most days. A small one in the early afternoon and a large dinner, usually before 7. I log everything I eat into an online USDA entries calculator. I'm positive I'm not underreporting my calorie intake.
    Very little dairy, mostly just cream in morning coffee. Nuts only on occasion. I eat at least 1/3 cup of coconut milk a day, sometimes twice that (with cocoa, yum).
    34yo, healthy, no meds, no hormonal BC. Supplements - fish oil, 2000 IU vit D3, pro-biotic, Magnesium citrate at night.

    My 5% leeway:
    sadly diet soda, but maybe just one or 2 servings a week. Processed meats, on occasion.


    Running - 4 to 6 mi. 5 days a week. Tons of slow movement and standing on my feet, some heavy lifting, but not as a structured exercise, recently started incorporating sprints too, push ups and sit ups whenever I feel like, which is maybe 3 - 4 times a week.
    I would describe myself as fairly active.

    My problem:
    While I've seen lots of improvement, I still have maybe a few pounds of excess body fat on me. Most of it on my thighs and my hmm, you know "baby's got back" and some on my lower abs too. I realize it's more of a vanity thing, but it really bothers me. After all this time eating well and exercising. I feel that for the effort I put into this, I should be getting better results by now. KWIM?

    I used this Health-calc - Energy expenditure adv. online calculator and it looks like I am very much in a calorie deficit. Why am I not losing weight anymore then? I used to believe in CICO, now I'm just not sure? Could my metabolic rate have slowed down considerably and it is preventing me from losing more body fat?

    I would really appreciate any input on how to shed the last few pounds. And quitting running is not an option.
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