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Thread: Just another example of PCRM skewing the facts about meat

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    Just another example of PCRM skewing the facts about meat

    Someone put a link to this post on the PCRM website on my Facebook. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the organization, PCRM stand for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine headed up by Neal Barnard, a physchiatrist. The group is vegan and closely linked to PETA. He is commenting about a recent report about processed meat being linked to cancer and heart disease. It does not implicate all red meat, only processed meats with lots of preservatives includinng nitrates. I personally wouldn't eat any processed meats until I found unsmoked bacon without preservatives. As far as sausage goes, I make my own sausage. The report in question does not condemn all meat, only unnaturally processed meat full of chemicals and preservatives and yet the vegetarians are having a hey day with it.

    PCRM | More Evidence That Red and Processed Meats Are Deadly
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