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Thread: Farmer's Markets in Pittsburgh?

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    Farmer's Markets in Pittsburgh?

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    Any Primal Pittsburghers around that know of any good farmers markets in the area? I know the East Liberty one is open Saturdays, but they didn't seem to have much meat last time I was there. I'd like to find somewhere I can get bacon or pork belly if possible. But really, any good farmer's market will do. I'm anxious to try a few. Or would places in the Strip District be pretty close to what I'm looking for too?

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    For good meat I'd take a trip down to the Strip District and visit Wholey's. Their butcher shop is phenomenal. Last time I was there I picked up three pounds of uncured bacon for about $3/pound. And the seafood selection will blow you away. Also, a little further up the street there's a butcher shop (that I can't remember the name of) that has all the "weird" cuts you could want, from brains to rocky mountain oysters. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be as large a produce selection in the Strip as I remember there being when I was a kid.

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