Hey all. I've been primal for 3 years now (new to the forum though). I dropped 40+ pounds easy and fast and settled around 15% body fat. I've got that down to maybe 10-11% and I want to see if I can hit 7-8%. Why? Because I like goals. I do well when I have goals. BTW, I'm 40, 5'11" and currently weigh 169.

Here's my idea. Those of us that are working towards a body fat % will use this thread to track our progress and encourage each other. That's it. I also have a few ground rules in mind: 1. Health comes first, do nothing to achieve your body fat % that will harm your health and vitality. 2. No starvation. 3. No Chronic Cardio (it won't help and will probably harm you in the long run).

How will we measure body fat? However you want. There are several methods out there. What I am going to do is use these pictures as a guide: Body Fat Percentage Pictures of Men & Women - BuiltLean Is it scientific? No, its just a guide. Again, my goal for this thread is to encourage and help one another, not nitpick the details. I'm going to post pictures along the way to document my progress or lack thereof. Its accountability and motivational, at least for me. Feel free to do the same or not if you are not comfortable.

Ready? Who's in?!

Here's me at maybe 10-11% (what do you think?):