At meetings at work we take turns providing snacks, and generally people bring homemade or store bought baked goods, cake on the rare occasion it's someone's birthday that week, etc.
Last time I was up I just stopped and got doughnuts. This was before Primal.

Well It'll be my turn again and I'm trying to think of something I could bring in that isn't mainly wheat and sugar, but that won't make my co-workers hate me. I don't want to be that sanctimonus person who brings tofurkey to Thanksgiving Dinner without being asked and gives everyone who doesn't try it the stink eye.
However, it's kind of like people mentioning that they don't feel totally right donating all their processed food to charity. Who am I to say 'I got you guys this, but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole"?
I mean if I can't think of anything I'll just get pastries again, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas for Primal foods that won't seem weird to non-Primal people.