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Thread: How to set a good example without being THAT girl

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    sjmc, I agree! But I would add "baked" potato chips to the salsa and guacamole and hummus.

    NO, they aren't quite primal. But IMO, losing friendships by foisting purist primal is worse than a little bit of canola oil.
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    My go to recipe when I need something for a bake sale or must bring goodies is one bite brownies. 100gms dark chocolate, 1/2 cup butter, melt together. Let cool a bit. Add 3 eggs, 1/2 cup+2 TBSP raw cacao powder and 1/2 cup raw honey or maple syrup. Mix well, put in lined mini muffin tin and bake 25 min at 375. They aren't something weird that a SAD person will turn their nose at and no one realizes they are gluten free and made with organic/healthier ingredients. They are still a treat and somewhat sweet obviously, but they technically fit in the primal parameters so I don't feel too guilty indulging once in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I make kumara (sweet potato) pikelets.

    pikelets are small, fluffier pancakes. It's basically potato (pre cooked and mashed smooth through a fine sieve), eggs, arrowroot powder (if you need more dry), and baking powder (which makes it "rise" a smidge). Mix it up, fry them up in butter (like regular old pancakes).

    then, generally, you serve with whipped cream (no sweet in it -- just whole whipped cream; you could use coconut cream if you wanted) and jam. I make a "fast jam" by taking some frozen berries and putting them in a pot to heat them, make a light mash, and add a bit of arrowroot powder (thickens) and honey (sweeter). Once it's cooled, it behaves just like normal jam.

    So, it goes pikelet, jam, and whipped cream. Tell them it's an Aus/NZ special treat. And they are good. Really good.
    Holy moly that sounds good!

    Last time it was my turn to bring food to our weekly breakfast meeting I brought boxes of cereal, milk, OJ and yogurt. I just make 'em happy. I think I ate liver and onions for breakfast at home before the meeting. There's never anything for me to eat at this stupid meeting.
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    TGIPaleo has some awesome recipes for baked goodies. I've had great success with both her avocado brownies and her spicy aztec brownies, which have a definite spicy kick to them.

    If you don't want to make anything, I second the fresh fruit tray. No matter what else is offered at parties, the fruit always disappears the fastest.

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    What about trail mix??? Nuts, shredded coconut, dried fruit, maybe some dark chocolate. That would be easy.

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    I love all these ideas! Potlucks are a big hit where I work and I'm always wondering what to bring. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions!
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    There is always meringues. Easy to make, the women crowd loves them because they are 50 cals or less each, and with the volume, the amount of sugar going into them is minimal.

    On the other end of spectrum there are truffles.

    There are stuffed dates and apricots as well.

    A lot of home made candies stray from Primal into just sugar territory and can be made with healthy fats and no flours or minimal rice, tapioca etc flours

    For a potluck I never failed to make everyone love me with shrimps and home-made marinara (or dehydrated chips and home-made dips).
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